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A hotel that feels just like home !

At Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme (80230), the Tournepierre Apartment with its hotel formula allows you to be on the spot to discover the Somme and its bay, and spend a few days beside a protected nature reserve, to connect with nature and maybe indulge in seal and bird spotting.

Use the small local train to visit Le Crotoy and Noyelles or Cayeux; cross the bay on bicycle trails, follow the barge towpath towards Abbeville, try out the rambling tracks.

Discover the bay aboard the good ship Commandant Charcot or, if more active, hire a kayak near Cape Hornu.

Enjoy the sunsets over the bay with the birds flying at low tide from the Parc du Marquenterre, or spot a seal exploring the harbour as the tide comes in.

The light house at Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme harbour

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mrs S. Cayeux (the owner)

Tournepierre /Turnstone (Arenaria interpres) is a small a sandpiper.
This small wading bird is rather squat with black, white and reddish-brown feathers,
 which you might spot on one of your walks if you are fortunate! 

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